Beer Company Begins Offering Paid Puppy Leave To All Employees

Why isn’t paw-ternity a norm everywhere?

Credit: BrewDog

Anyone who doesn’t believe a puppy is like a baby hasn’t adopted a young dog. Of course, babies don’t eat your shoes and wee on your carpet (oh, wait…), but there are some similarities to caring for one or the other. It’s for this reason that craft beer company BrewDog just introduced a Puppy Parental Leave policy that allows employees to take paid leave in order to ensure their dog gets settled in.

Some might argue that this is an asinine concept, as human mothers deserve more than six weeks to bond and get their tiny human “settled in” – and they’d be right. But shouldn’t an individual also be gifted quality time with a puppy, considering they’re a handful, too? Ultimately, you’ll be the judge.

However, puppies required regular feeding, walking, training and playing, and their ‘owner’ must be prepared to ritually clean up their messes. Additionally, puppy owners can expect to be woken up in the middle of the night, similar to new parents.

Credit: BrewDog

Elite Daily shares that Puppy Parental Leave allows staff members to take off from working for a brief period of time without using up their paid vacation days. James Watt, the beer company’s co-founder, explained:

“It’s not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, and many members of our crew have four-legged friends at home. So, we wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family. We always want to raise the bar when it comes to offering our staff the best possible benefits; at BrewDog, we care about two things above all else: people and beer. We also just really, really like dogs.”

Credit: BrewDog

If you didn’t think the deal could get any sweeter, read on… After Puppy Parental Leave is over, BrewDog allows employees to bring their beloved pup to the office and introduce him or her to the staff! Reportedly, about 50 dogs have become office regulars in BrewDog’s main office located in Aberdeenshire. Dogs are also allowed in the majority of its bars, as well.

Watch the following video to learn more:

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