Beekeeping Donkey In Brazil Has The Cutest Suit To Keep Him Protected

Meet Boneco, an incredibly stylish donkey who helps his friend collect honey.

Credit: YouTube/screenshot

Meet Boneco, a donkey who is both a colleague and a friend to beekeeper Manuel Juraci. The pair lives in Itatira, Brazil, and together, they spend many hours collecting honey.

Like any beekeeper, Boneco needs to wear a protective suit, and that he does. In fact, the suit that has been outfitted to keep the donkey safe has resulted in the pair going viral because it?s that darn cute.

Treehugger reports that Juraci is one of 120 beekeeper in the small town of Itatira, which is in the Brazilian state of Ceara. Because of the region?s arid climate, many farmers have turned to beekeeping to make a livelihood. By far, however, Boneco and Juraci are some of the most successful.

With Boneco?s help, more honey can be transported to the market, meaning more sales. Because Boneco is such a trustworthy ally, Juraci had no choice but to create a beekeeping suit for the agreeable donkey.

Credit: YouTube/screenshot

Locals were surprised when they saw Boneco sporting his beekeeping suit, but weren?t shocked his caretaker had developed the safety precaution. This is because Juraci is known to be something of an inventor, and is called Professor Pardal by those who know him.

Not only has the duo gained fans, they?ve also received the support of the Association of Honey Producers, who desire to see more of these suits made for their donkeys. So far, Juraci hasn?t taken them up on the offer. He says the suit?Boneco?wears isn?t what has made the duo successful – their hard work and friendship have.

“Not to discount the others,” said Juraci, “but Boneco is a faithful friend.”

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