Ball Pit On Street Inspires Strangers To Make New Friends [Watch]

This social experiment shows the fun people can have together regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, or occupation.

Credit: SoulPancake via YouTube

Credit: SoulPancake via YouTube

A lot of dismal news has been offered up by the news lately, which is why this video produced by Soul Pancake is a must-watch for everyone. It proves that regardless of age, race, religion, or occupation, everyone can have a bit of fun in a ball pit.

As you can view in the video below, a big box of plastic balls was placed on a street to perk up people’s days and inspire them to meet new neighbors. A sign nearby read “Take a Seat & Make a Friend”. Dozens of people opted to jump in, and the results are beyond heartwarming.

Watch as people reconnect with their inner child and make new friends: 

Though negative media tends to attract the most attention, there are a lot of positive happenings that deserve attention. Please share this news and comment your thoughts below!

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