Baker Refuses To Write ‘God Hates Gays’ On A Cake; Religious Bigot Claims He’s Being Discriminated Against

Someone give this man a dictionary


A heroic baker in Colorado who turned down a request to make a homophobic cake has received many messages of support after the preacher in question launched a claim that he was being “discriminated against”. The irony is almost funny.

Marjorie Silva, of Azucar Bakery in Denver, refused to write ‘God hates gays’ on the cake when asked by Bill Jack, head of the Worldview Academy (an organization which helps people to ‘think and live in accord with a Biblical worldview’). Along with the derogatory wording, Mr Jack had also requested that Ms Silva draw an image of two men holding hands, with a red cross through it. She politely declined, later calling the design “discriminatory and hateful”, and explaining: “We never refuse service. We did feel that it was not right for us to write hateful words or pictures against human beings.”

Mr Jack was outraged that Ms Silva didn’t share his venomous views and filed a complaint against her. In an interview with a local news station, Mr Jack claimed, hilariously, that he was being “discriminated against because of my creed”. It seems Mr Jack might need to go look that word up in a dictionary (and maybe also check his Bible for the phrase ‘turn the other cheek’).

Mr Jack filed a complaint against Azucar Bakery with the Department of Regulatory Agencies. Ms Silva’s business is now under investigation, and the case could be referred to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

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