Baby Tasmanian Devil Is So Fond Of His Caretaker, He Follows Him Everywhere [Video]

The baby marsupial absolutely loves receiving warm cuddles and belly rubs from his caretaker.

Tasmanian Devils are rarely talked about on the news, but definitely should be. Why? Because the marsupials are considered endangered and need protection to ensure their species survives. Fortunately for dozens of Tasmanian Devils in Australia, they have a caretaker named Tim Faulkner who will go to great lengths to ensure they thrive.

Faulkner, who is a Tasmanian Devil caretaker, absolutely loves his job. And why wouldn’t he?! The marsupials, which are great swimmers and excellent tree climbers, are capable of forming exceptional bonds with the humans in their lives. In fact, one baby Tasmanian Devil is so attached to Faulkner, he follows his keeper everywhere! In return, the baby receives plenty of cuddles and satisfying belly rubs.

According to Bored Panda, the Devil Ark’s free-range facilities in New South Wales, Tomalia, cares for approximately 150 Tasmanian Devils. It opened in 2011 with just 44 Tasmanians and since then, has flourished. The sanctuary has had 5 successful breeding seasons and, in turn, has celebrated 180 healthy joeys being born.

Watch the baby Tasmanian Devil follow his favorite keeper everywhere:

Devil Ark is almost there! I wish I could thank you all individually for the support! We're now at 80% of the way to our goal but we still need your help! Bring us home and show our Tasmanian devils that the world cares! Please support our Crowdfunding campaign –

Posted by Tim Faulkner on Thursday, January 12, 2017

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