Baby Rhino Who Defended His Mom From Poachers Gets Tended To By Vets [Watch]

A baby rhino was injured trying to protect his mom from poachers. Now, at least, he is in a safe environment being cared for by compassionate caretakers.

There is a crisis going on that few know about. Since 2008, at least 5,940 rhinos have been poached. And, it gets worse: the death toll continues to increase every year. Last year, for example, an estimated 1,338 rhinos were killed across Africa – mainly in South Africa.

The illegal hunters are after the rhinos’ horns because they are comprised of keratin – the same stuff your nails are made of. Though rhino horn has no scientific medical benefits, people – mainly in Asian countries – believe that the beasts’ horns may benefit a range of conditions, from cancer to hangovers. As a result of humanity’s greed, most sub-species are now endangered.

While they do belong in the wild, few survive outside of national parks and reserves because they are in serious danger of being slaughtered. It’s a travesty which deserves attention, and activists’ efforts like yours do matter.

Credit: Jon Watson

Credit: Jon Watson

Thankfully, positive stories do surface now and again concerning the mighty mammals. While the circumstances that landed the baby rhino in the care of veterinarians is saddening, the young one did, at least, survive, and is now being cared for.

According to The Dodo, the baby rhino was hurt defending his mom from poachers. While little is known about the status of his mother, it is assumed she was killed in the attack. He, at least, is now recovering in a safe and secure environment.

Rhinos need the help of all compassionate activists. Please share this article to raise awareness and support organizations like Save the Rhino International which is helping prevent the animals from going extinct.

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