Baby Elephant Rushes Into River To ‘Save’ Her Favorite Human – Must See!

A baby elephant put herself in danger to ensure the safety of the human she loves most.


Credit: Elephant National Park

There’s a reason elephants are considered to be one of the most intelligent and empathetic creatures on the planet. Not only do they have massive brains – capable of translating humans body language as well as identifying languages, they have exceptional memory and display extraordinary empathy for creatures – regardless of their species.

Recently, a baby elephant displayed extreme cunning, courage, and empathy when it thought it saw its favorite human distressed in the middle of a river. As the video below relays, baby elephant Kham Lha – the youngest elephant at the Elephant National Park in Thailand – saw her favorite trainer, Derrick, floating in a river and suspected the worst. The pachyderm plunged into the stream – wasting no time – and worked her way through the water until she could lovingly nudge her favorite caretaker.

This video has gone viral, largely due to peoples’ disbelief that a baby elephant would put herself in danger just to ensure the human she loves is safe. But to those who know the duo’s history – it isn’t much of a surprise. Kham Lha was rescued from the Thai tourism industry and, shortly after arriving at the Park, bonded to Derrick. The two are nearly inseparable now.

It makes you think – if elephants and other animals can display immense compassion for others, what’s holding humanity back?

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