Awesome: Watch How Spanish Activists Created A Magical, Moving Solution To Anti-Protest Laws

As beautiful as it they are genius, these marching holograms sent a clear message to the government in Spain- and not one person was arrested

How are we supposed to change the world when attending a protest is pretty much guaranteed to get us arrested? Activists in Spain came up with a novel idea this weekend: simply project some marching, chanting holograms on to a government building, and the chances are your voices will be heard even louder than ever.

These moving lights show defiance for the draconian ‘Citizen Security Bill’, which makes?it illegal to protest outside any public buildings, including the Spanish Parliament.?People who exercise their democratic right to protest without authorization face fines of up to ?600,000 ($746,000). In addition, ‘showing lack of respect’ to a person in uniform, along with the photography or filming of police officers, is strictly forbidden and punishable by fines and possible prison sentences.

The controversial bill was passed last December, with some members of congress so disgusted by the law they had a protest of their own- a moving rendition of?la cancion del pueblo (the people’s song) in Parliament, until security forced them out (to the applause of many journalists watching). This weekend, activists found a genius way to use this widespread controversy ?to their advantage. Not only do the holograms highlight the absurdity of Spain’s gagging laws, they also defy them in a way that is creative, positive, and inspiring.?Bravo, Spain!

Watch the RT report video above to see these so-called ‘Holograms for Freedom’ in action.


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