Awesome: This Interactive ‘Wheel’ Helps Find The Perfect Cannabis Strain For You

How do you like your weed? Whether you smoke to relax, get creative, or for medical reasons, a new online tool will help you decide which marijuana strain is best for the job.

Anyone who’s ever explored the surreal world of Amsterdam‘s cannabis cafes will tell you this: pot is complicated. There are cheesy strains, fruity strains, strains that are both cheesy and fruity, and hundreds in between…how would anyone know where to start?

That’s where CannabiScope, the brainchild of tech entrepreneur and former boxer David Schacter comes in. It’s described as an “interactive strain mapping system”, and it’s virtual marijuana ‘menu’ is so detailed it will be appreciated by even the most clued-up cannabis connoisseur.

Unlike other recreational substances, marijuana is divided hundreds of different strains, all of which affect users in different ways. Cannabis plants are divided into two broad categories: The Indica variety makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, while Sativa is credited with boosting energy and inspiring creativity.

Cannabis also has magical properties: Forgetting THC ( the psychoactive compound that makes you high), medicine made from marijuana‘s other compound, CBD, is saving lives all around the world. CBD oil is believed to curautism, epilepsy and cancer, with hundreds of testimonies to the healing power of this compound reinforcing the fact over and over again.

Credit: MedicinalMarijuanaAssociation

Credit: MedicinalMarijuanaAssociation

CannabiScope is an independent company which aims to ‘connect the cannabis community‘, providing a standard classification system for the industry. By clicking on an area of interest- for example, a health issue or how you want to feel- the software tells you exactly which strain you need to go for.

The wheel was designed using data compiled from researchers, analysts and crowd sourced information. Cannabis strains are identified according to their terpenoids, which give strains their aromas and tastes. Strains are then cross-referenced on the Health Wheel, based on the active cannabinoids. This will serve seed banks, cultivators, producers, labs, dispensaries, delivery services, and consumers: “Medical cannabis patients may search the wheel, according to their symptoms and conditions, while cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy discovering the flavors,” Schacter says of the technology. “To call this project a labor of love would be an understatement.”

Schacter is from Nevada and currently lives in Israel. He is passionately pro-legalization, pointing out: “If you are an adult, you should have the ability to choose what you put in your body; you should not be seen as a criminal for wanting to get high.” In addition to being a self-styled ‘Ganjapreneur’, Schacter is the first 4 x National Collegiate Boxing Champion and 4 x All-American. He’s smoked weed throughout his sporting career, and is very open about it:

I smoke cannabis because I like. It makes me feel good. As an athlete, I consumed cannabis- there were no drug test requirements during my time of competing. Any sport takes a high level of self-confidence, but nothing compares to what it takes for you to step in to the ring. Cannabis allowed me to visualize myself in front of my opponent and go over the fight in my head before it even happened.I benefited from smoking after practice as a way to relax my body. It would lead to a better night’s sleep, which is so important to help with recovery.Nowadays I’m more interested in the medical properties and the influence that cannabis has on the mind. Smoking takes away the hurdles, and let you face obstacles one at a time. It helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and relieves anxiety, loneliness and depression.”

This is cutting-edge technology, but does it have a dark side? We asked David if CannabiScope would be used for surveillance purposes of cannabis consumers. After all, users can build their own wheels, and the app crowdsources information based on user data and reports. But he assures us that users who download the app will have the ability to do so in complete privacy. “We expect that many of the app’s users will be in countries and/or states that limit cannabis, and for those users it will be an information only site, while in states where it is legal you’ll be able to connect directly with dispensary and seed companies,” he explained.

Schacter believes veterans should have easy access to medical marijuana. Credit: countercurrent

Schacter believes veterans should have easy access to medical marijuana. Credit: countercurrent

Schacter points out that in the USA 22 veterans commit suicide a day, and believes medical marijuana would be a great help. “It comforts those who ‘go to a dark place,’ by keeping their mind busy on the present, and not letting it wander back to those traumatic events,” he says.

In most countries, marijuana is still illegal, even for medicinal purposes. In my opinion, there should be no legal consequences for cultivating, possessing or consuming cannabis. If you are an adult, you should have the ability to choose what you put in your body; you should not be seen as a criminal for wanting to get high at the end of the day. It is unethical for society to restrict the medical community from doing research and clinical trials on cannabis.”

The above video shows Schacter’s wheel in action. Why not give it a try?

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