Autistic Boy Approaches Diners In A Restaurant, Their Reactions Will Stun You

In this social experiment, diners react to a disruptive autistic boy in a restaurant setting.

Credit: via ABC

Credit: via ABC

Whether it’s due to excess mercury in the food supply, low-quality food choices, vaccinations, or environmental pollution, autism is on the rise. Reportedly, 1 in 88 children in the U.S. now has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Because autistic children usually exhibit symptoms of impaired communication and social interaction, they require extra patience and support from their families. Strangers, however, sometimes lack the empathy required to care for and respect challenged individuals.

Which is why for a recent segment from the TV show ‘What Would You Do?’, society’s general attitude toward autistic individuals was put to the test.

The show, which creates different social situations to see how the average person reacts to injustice, featured a family of actors dining at a restaurant. The teenage boy pretended to be autistic and acted out. At times, he would loudly repeat terms or phrases, and other opportune moments would walk around and approach diners.

Most patrons seemed to understand that the boy had special needs, therefore, continued their meal without saying a word. One man, however, disturbed the peace to inspire a reaction from the crowd. How they responded will stun you.

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