Australians Desert the Carbon Tax

It’s official, Australians are now being forced to pay a carbon tax on the emission they produce. The Clean Energy Legislative Package, passed by the Australian Senate on 8 November 2011 become law on 1 July 2012, sets out how Australia will introduce a carbon price (carbon tax) to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution.

The Carbon Tax will increase the cost of living for all Australians, and if effective, will only reduce Australia’s total contribution of global emissions by less than 0.05%. In fact, this will take more than 10 years for this saving to be realised.

The price of food, electricity, water, gas, petrol and other essential goods and services will all increase. The increase in the cost of doing business as a result of the Carbon Tax in Australia will soon make Australia one of the most uncompetitive countries to trade with.

While India, China and the United State of America continue to do business with all of their respective trading partners unhindered by a Carbon Tax, the Australian Government has done everything in its power to make it as difficult as possible for Australian small business owners to trade internationally and has firmly planted the seeds of economic depression for many years to come.

How Australians Oppose the Carbon Tax

Opposition to the Australian Carbon Tax started out at 56% after the Australian Federal Government announced the Clean Energy Legislative Package. It has now increased to more than 62 per cent.

In a recent Nielsen poll, support for the Carbon Tax plunged to a record low of 33 per cent as Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Greens Party advocate and supporter of world government) faces the fight of her political life to try to reconcile the public to her deeply unpopular tax.

With one in two Australians believing that they will be worse off because of the Carbon Tax and with the current global economic uncertainty surrounding the Australian economy, no wonder business confidence in Australia is on the decline.

Will the Australian Carbon Tax Be Reversed?

Speculation is beginning to mount at whether or not the Australian Labor Party can retain government at the next election. A recent news poll in The Australian has revealed that Labor’s primary vote has dwindled to a record low of just 30 per cent compared to the oppositions 46 per cent.

Therefore, if Australia was to repeal this Globalist backed carbon tax, then it appears that the only way for this to occur would be via a change in Government.

The leader of the opposition in Australia, Tony Abbott, has pledged to repeal the carbon tax. Mr Abbott was recently quoted as saying “When I say during the campaign there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, Australians can be 100 per cent certain that I am telling the truth”.

The Fundamental Dilemma Australians Face

It’s a fact that the overwhelming majority of Australians don’t want to pay a carbon tax. However, due to the entrenched obedience to the left-right paradigm that most Australians are trained to believe in, it will be increasingly difficult for Australians to remove the globalist backed carbon tax once introduced.

Although the leader of the opposition party has declared that he will revoke the carbon tax once in office, his statements are highly speculative and are not justified by any plan or economic analysis. In fact, the leader of the opposition has not even put forth an alternative plan to the Australian people about how he will revoke the Carbon Tax.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that it’s more likely than not that Australians will be forced to pay a Carbon Tax for an indefinite period of time. This is exactly what the Globalists want and the Australian Government has failed all Australians by implementing the Carbon Tax.

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7 Responses to "Australians Desert the Carbon Tax"

  1. JC  July 6, 2012 at 5:33 am

    As An Australian, who will be affected by this tax. I must show my disgust with this article. For one, it’s not it’s not a tax. This scheme takes money form the miners, huge corporations worth billions of dollars, and puts it back into the country- e.g Public schooling, money to people out of work (centerlink)etc. The scheme is designed to force industries the cause massive carbon emissions to pay for the damage they are doing too earth, and make them more innovative with ideas to reduce their emissions- These corporation need to be hit where it hurts. It hurts their pocket. This scheme is more like Robin Hood than anything else. Educate yourself.

    • Steve  August 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

      Also as an Australian, I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. While the carbon tax scheme has the veneer of being a penalty applied to industry for producing carbon emissions (over an “acceptable” quota I may add), the tax is nowhere near high enough to warrant any kind of re-examination of their current practices, but is in fact low enough that they can simply palm off the extra cost to the consumer. If you’ve kept up with this topic lately, that’s precisely what has happened; electricity prices for the public have risen across the board, despite threats from the government that it ‘wouldn’t be tolerated’.

      The carbon tax is simply yet another hidden tax on the public, carefully crafted to expand the coffers of corporations who continue to irresponsibly and unnecessarily pollute and destroy our planet. If the government were really serious about reducing carbon emissions, they would either a) make the tax amount prohibitive, or b) actually reward or financially encourage those who engage in renewable energy sources. The government has in fact, done neither, and the public continues to applaud the government for their actions.

  2. Nima  July 6, 2012 at 8:18 am

    We have a carbon tax in British Columbia (Canada), and it’s been steadily increasing year by year (as originally announced). My main complain with it is that it’s “revenue neutral”, so every penny raised is being returned to citizens and corporations in terms of personal income and corporate tax cuts, and other specific tax cuts. I personally would have preferred to have the revenue invested in things such Transit that would further reduce emissions, but it’s a start.

  3. Brendan  August 26, 2012 at 6:41 am

    Hi everybody I’m a student in Madison, Wisconsin USA and I am part of the global elite’s plan to take everyone’s money. I am volunteering with a group called citizens climate lobby and we are lobbying congress to pass a carbon tax. This is not because we believe that this is the right thing to and if we do nothing the burning of fossil fuels will destroy the planet. No, we are planning to take all of your money and give it back to you…. For the global elite. When we pass this tax it will give the emerging renewable energy economy a foothold so it may actually take off… For the global elite. Seriously though, having a carbon tax is a very reasonable option that could stop our reliance on fossil fuels. Yes having a carbon tax will increase the cost of living for people but do you know what else will do that same thing? RUNNING OUT OF OIL. There is no way in hell we can expect our cost of living to stay the same indefinitely when we depend on fossil fuels because there is a finite amount left on this earth. This is something children could understand. A carbon tax should be something to embrace and fight for, not something to condemn. Don’t cry conspiracy theory for fucking everything.

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