Australian Government Sets Up New Agency To Kill 2 Million Cats

catAustrailian Environment Minister Greg Hunt said this week that the government plans to kill at least two million feral cats. The minister says that the extermination is an attempt to save local wildlife that are threatened by the cats.

The announcement was made at a wildlife summit in Melbourne, where Hunt said that they will be launching the Threatened Species Strategy, a program that will divert $4.8 million towards the extermination of wild cats.

By 2020, I want to see two million feral cats culled, five new islands and 10 new mainland areas as safe havens, free of feral cats, and control measures applied across 10 million hectares,” Hunt said.

Hunt appointed Gregory Andrews as the Threatened Species Commissioner, who will oversee the trapping and killing of the cats.

“We don’t hate cats. We just can’t tolerate the damage that they’re doing to our wildlife,” Andrews said.

Earlier this year we reported that Australia’s western Victoria Environment Minister Lisa Neville recently admitted that the state killed as many as 700 Koalas, in an attempt to control their population.

The killings took place during the years of 2013 and 2014 at the hands of wildlife officials. Neville told reporters that the koala population is “a very challenging and complex issue” and added that the killings were “humane and effective”.

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