At First This Looked Like A Normal Restaurant, But Then I Realized The Amazing Truth

Signs is a restaurant that seems normal from the outside but provides a unique experience for customers and opens up jobs for certain people who can't usually work as servers.

Credit: CBC News

Credit: CBC News

At first glance, this restaurant seems like just your average modern restaurant in a downtown setting with good food and a relaxed vibe. As it turns out, Signs, a restaurant that opened two years ago in Downtown Toronto, is all of that and more.

The word “Signs” doesn’t refer to physical signs you see on the street but instead it’s in reference to American Sign Language, which the entire staff uses to communicate.

That’s right, the entire wait staff is comprised of people that are deaf and use sign language, meaning customers must also use signs to order their food and drinks.

This may seem intimidating, but the entire menu has images next to the items that give instructions on how to order using sign language. A center piece on the table even shows the signs for other helpful phrases like “split check” and “keep the change.”

Owner Anjan Manikumar says that this idea is the “first one of its kind” and that it allows deaf people to work in an industry that they normally can’t because of the restrictions at other restaurants. At Signs, the deaf employees can feel comfortable as they are because of the easy-to-understand menus and the customers who understand the experience they’re walking into.

Watch the video below to get a feel of the restaurant, how customers feel about this innovative environment, and how this impacts the deaf community.

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