At First It Looks Like An Ordinary Pizza Restaurant, But It’s So Much More Awesome Than That

It's such a simple plan, but its impact is life-changing

A fantastic scheme at a Philadelphia pizza restaurant has helped thousands of homeless people get a hot meal every day through a pay-it-forward scheme.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza is known for its $1 slices and is popular with homeless people who rarely have enough money to eat in other places. When a customer asked owner Mason Wartman if they could pay an extra dollar to buy a slice for someone in need, he came up with the idea of sticking a post-it note on the wall for every slice donated. This encouraged others to do the same, before the wall was so covered in post-it notes that he had to start logging the donations in the register.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza has provided 8,500 slices to homeless people in the last nine months, and is a heart-warming example of how we can change lives through simple acts that cost next to nothing.

The post-it notes on the walls tell stories of compassion and gratitude, with at least one very happy ending:

‘I just want to thank everyone that donated to Rosa’s. It gave me a place to eat everyday and a chance to get back on my feet. I start a new job tomorrow! Everyone wants the world to change but in order for that to happen we have to change ourselves.’

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