At First It Looks Like A Truck. But Wait Till They Open It Up!

A tiny castle on wheels? Yes, please

This off-grid house truck looks pretty cool from the outside, with enough space to live comfortably and travel around in style. While travelling, the home is compact and cozy for owners Jola, Justin and their son Piko. But this is no ordinary mobile home…it transforms into a spacious fantasy castle that will leave you green with envy by 03.00! The truck, featured on YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House, is completely road legal and off-grid.

It heats water through a mixture of solar panels on the roof, a wetback fire, and gas, and it captures rain water from the roof that is then stored in water tanks below the truck. This tiny home has really raised the bar…in terms of engineering and creativity, it´s just amazing!

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