Artist?s Illustrations Depict The Ridiculous Expectations Women Deal With Every Day

These illustrations show just how confusing it is to be a woman in 2016.


While both men and women are preyed upon by the advertising industry, it?s women especially who are subjected to ridiculous double standards on the daily. For example, if a man in a high-level position asserts his power, he?s regarded as a ?leader? by his colleagues. Meanwhile, a woman who does the same is deemed to be bossy.

Furthermore, a woman is often judged to be prude if she dresses conservatively, and a slut if her clothing is revealing – even slightly. It?s a no-win situation for females, which is why artist and fashion designer Daisy Bernard created the following illustrations.

Each illustration represents a different situation, yet the message largely remains the same: that women are judged regardless of the expectations they try to live up to.

Bernard wrote in article for The Tab:

“Women are being told to take off their burkinis and undress on the beach. But at the same time, we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn?t show too much skin. These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases, by other women too.”

Until every individual – male, female, and those who identify as ?in between? – feels comfortable enough to express themselves how they see fit, artists and activists will continue to create and share series such as the one below to raise awareness about the importance of equality.








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