Artist Conveys How Various World Leaders Handle Justice Through Satirical Illustrations

Uncomfortable truths have the power to inspire change, which is why this artist depicts justice in such vivid manner.

Credit: Gunduz Agayev

Credit: Gunduz Agayev

Change is brewing. It has been for a long while. But with the advent of the internet and peoples’ seemingly limitless ability to speak their mind, something new is happening.

Activists are increasingly turning to art to depict truths that convey harsh realities, and illustrations like the ones shared below are churning up some muddled feelings.

The ill happenings of the world deserve to be talked about, for until they are acknowledged as relevant – though unfortunate – truths, nothing will change.

For this reason, cartoons created by Gunduz Agayev hold valuable importance in waking up the masses. 

Agayev has created several series of illustrations in the post, including “Holy Selfie,” “Global Police,” and “Just Dictators.” His latest depicts the theme of universal human rights and justice portraying Femida (Themis) in different countries.

“I have spent 15-16 days for this volume. I drew thinking and reading about the situations in these countries. These illustrations depict the real conditions in the countries.”

Controversial, shocking, and somewhat abrasive, the following artwork is Agayev’s portrayal of justice in various locations.



Credit: Gunduz Agayev


Credit: Gunduz Agayev

Credit: Gunduz Agayev


Credit: Gunduz Agayev

Credit: Gunduz Agayev

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