Artist Left 15,000 Pennies On The Ground For A Social Experiment. Watch What Happens…

This unique social experiment yielded incredibly unexpected results.

Last Wednesday, AirBnB host Jamahl McMurran and his guest, Lana Mesic of Croatia, set up a unique social experiment that yielded interesting results.

Mesic is both a photographer and an artist and had 15,000 pennies in her backpack from a previous art installation. After conferring with McMurran, the duo decided to stage a social experiment and record the results.

?So my Airbnb guest and I decided to place 15000 2p coins on the canal and record what would happen?. #coinsbythecanal,? wrote McMurran on Twitter.

They transferred the ginormous pile of pennies to a popular street and sat back to watch it unfold…

The social experiment began with 15,000 pennies from Mesic?s latest art project.

The duo dumped the coins on the ground into a pile.

Live Tweeting, they saw everything?

One smart kid wanted to fill his bag up with the pennies.

Others played in the coins as if they were a sandbox.

One guy even staged an Instagram photo!

And, a cyclist grabbed some change for a morning coffee (supposedly).

This guy literally made it ?rain.?

The social experiment came to an end when two guys stole the pennies.

They took every. last. coin.

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