Art As Resistance: Why This Christmas Tree Topper Is In Big Demand

Just wait until you see the David Cameron pin cushion...

A woman in the UK who has created cute knitted Christmas-tree toppers of popular Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has seen huge demand for her product.

Katrina Stiff from Brighton told The Telegraph: “I’ve been crocheting political likenesses for a couple of years but up until now they were all pincushions of less popular politicians.”

For her own festive decorations, Stiff decided to crochet a figure in the likeness of Corbyn, who has given hope to millions by fighting Prime Minister David Cameron’s austerity measures and plans to privatize…well, pretty much everything. She made a few more and put them on Etsy, where Corbyn fans have rushed to buy the novelty decorations. Stiff said they are perfect for an “atheist socialist Christmas” and describes Corbyn as a “figure of peace and joy”.


The crocheted figure of people’s hero Jeremy Corbyn atop a Christmas tree. Image: Etsy

Stiff has also crocheted some pincushions of David Cameron, who is arguably the most hated man in Britain at the moment. The pin cushion modelled on  has the following hilarious item description:

“Are you struggling to cope with feelings of rage or fear following the UK election? Then the David Cameron Voodoo Pincushion is here to help!! Vent those feelings without getting yourself into trouble. Sew something lovely and witness David Cameron actually doing something helpful by holding your pins for you.”

The David Cameron figure is a pin cushion, because that's all he's good for

The David Cameron figure is a pin cushion, because that’s all he’s good for

She goes on: “This item is crocheted by hand and mentally infused with mean thoughts about David Cameron. He is made to order, in polyester yarn and aggressively stuffed with polyester fibrefill.”

And don’t worry. Even if you don’t have any use for a pin cushion, Stiff assures us we can find other uses for the Prime Minister whose face we often compare to a slice of ham in Britain: “Why not use him as a bloated, gammon-faced, pudding-cheeked acupuncture practice face?” She suggests.


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