Aristocracy and Plutocracy Threaten Planet Earth: Activists Unite!

Humanity on the verge of extinction, threatened by aristocracy

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

The fact that both higher education and incarceration are for profit in America is telling. What it tells us is that, while education is not for everyone, incarceration is. This is symptomatic of aristocracy and plutocracy, and the fact that the average person knows neither the mechanisms of those systems, nor the meaning of those words is evidence that they are indeed working.

History has shown that whenever a culture veers too far from their founding constitution, the health and soundness of their state, their union, is placed in jeopardy. Such is the present condition of the American civilization, as well as the present condition of humanity. We have sacrificed principles and humility with consumption and conveniences.

With natural and man made disasters exploding in recent years, as well as civil unrest breaking out in the cities across America and the world, a total transformation is on the verge. Towards what, we may be finding out soon, but the character of which we must decide here and now based on the choices we make, and perspectives we take.

As a species, presently we are more like a virus or a cancer on the planet earth than even a flattering parasite or symbiot. That the planet is an organism should cause us to reflect upon the hermetic teaching: as above so below, as below so above. Meaning that the condition of the planet is a reflection of our own bodies and minds, and that our bodies and minds thus make an impact on the planetary body and mind. And if it is indeed an organism in reciprocal relation to its inhabitants, it seems to be shrugging us off like a bad case of fleas.

If we are to change our forms and save ourselves from extinction, we must first realize that these systems of aristocracy and plutocracy are at work, and not the natural and virtuous disposition of human nature: peace, love, and harmony with the earth.

The voraciousness of modern society is predicated on the concept of conspicuous consumption:- a term coined by the 19th century philosopher and economist Thorstein Veblen. Not at all the natural state of human beings, western culture has been pushed upon the people of the world in the name of commerce, not community; in the name of economy, not education; and finally in conquest, not concurrence.

End the FED! End Plutocracy!

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