Argentinian President: USA Could Kill Me

Cristina Kirchner claims outside forces want her gone

In an emotionally charged address, Argentina´s President Cristina Kirchner voiced concerns last week that U.S-backed interests are trying to topple her government, and could potentially harm her.

The claims came after the USA held Argentina in contempt of court on Tuesday in a legal battle over debt repayments. On Wednesday, Kirchner stated that the ruling “confirmed what I´ve been saying.”

“What a coincidence the contempt was ruled just before we had to make our second payment,” she added sarcastically.

“The problem isn´t the money,” the President goes on. “It´s that they want to bring down Argentina´s sovereign debt structuring, so we go back to owing thousands and thousands of dollars.” This was met with a round of applause from the audience.

“If something happens to me-  and I say this very seriously-  please do not look to the East. Look up North!” She says emphatically. Kirchner´s comments were again responded to with whistles and claps of approval.

Argentina has angered the White House this year by criticizing so-called ´vulture funds´, moving to cut out U.S hedge funds, and, just last month, taking steps to allow Argentina’s government to pay bondholders locally to skirt the US financial system.

It might sound like crazy talk, but if the U.S did go ahead and plot a coup against this South American nation, it certainly wouldn´t be the first (as we have investigated previously here on T.A).

Just because you´re paranoid it doesn´t mean they´re not after you…?

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