Are Londoner’s Horrible? You May Be Surprised By This Experiment…

In this new social experiment, Action Productions tests the kindness of Londoners.

In a world seemingly filled with violence, ignorance, and hate crimes, it’s the rare occasion to witness kindness – or the helper receiving affirmation for their good deeds.

But in a recent social experiment produced by Action Productions, hope is offered in the form of three random kindness experiments testing Londoners’ empathetic qualities.

In one experiment, a woman walking towards a daunting flight of stairs – apparently struggling with the task before her – is offered assistance by a stranger passing by. In the second experiment, a man pretends to be sleeping on a train and writes/asks for an open-eyed neighbor to wake him up at the correct time. And in the third experiment, one actor spills her groceries when bumped by a hurried individual. Would anyone help her pick up her food?

Such encounters are daily occurrences almost anywhere. But if one can remember to “be the change” and help out when needed, surely humanity will progress in a positive direction.

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Credit: Action Productions (Facebook)

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