Apple’s First Store In Southeast Asia Is Powered By 100% Renewable Energy

Apple's newest store in Singapore is more than eye-catching, it runs on 100% renewable energy!

Credit: © Nigel Young and Apple

Last weekend, the first Apple store in Southeast Asia opened its doors to tech-savvy customers. To keep with the company’s mission to “generate and source from more than 4 gigawatts of new clean energy worldwide by 2020,” the new building, which was designed by Foster + Partners and Apple, is powered entirely by clean energy.

The Apple Orchard Road store features mature trees inside and outside the shop. Due to a stunning glass front, the splendor can be witnessed from meters away. Considered to be one of Foster + Partners’ “greenest Apple spaces yet,” the store is located in the heart of Singapore and was crafted to portray the strong focus on community and connection to nature.

Stefan Behling, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners said:

“This is one of our greenest Apple spaces yet – not only does all the energy come from renewable sources, but it is filled with lush trees. It also breaks down the boundaries between the inside and outside, with the greenery cascading through the store from the mezzanine to the ground floor and out to onto Orchard Road, creating the most welcoming civic gesture.”

Credit: © Nigel Young and Apple

As Inhabitat reports there are a number of features that catch one’s eye. For instance, eight trees have been planted in front of the store to create a shaded “green orchard.” Additionally, a thin, white canopy cantilevers out 25 feet from the storefront to provide solar shading. Hand-carved staircases from Castagna stone by Italian artisans frame the interior and twelve Ficus Ali trees can be found on the world’s largest Genius Grove.

According to Tom Murray, the vice president of the Environmental Defense Fund’s EDF+Business initiative who has praised the company’s efforts in the past, Apple is a leading player in sustainable initiatives. Because of its mission, the company has inspired 70 companies to commit to using only renewable energy resources.

“For companies like Apple, usually 80 percent or more of the carbon footprint is in the supply chain. That’s why its critical that Apple is looking beyond its own operations and working with suppliers to become 100 percent renewable as well,” he said.

Credit: © Nigel Young and Apple

Credit: © Nigel Young and Apple

Credit: © Nigel Young and Apple

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