Aphex Twin Urges His Fans To Question The Official Story of 9/11 Attacks

Aphex_TwinLegendary electronic music producer Aphex Twin has voiced his mistrust in the official 9/11 story in a recent interview with Q.

Speaking with reporter Richard James, Aphex Twin said that he was open to considering conspiracy theories, and added that anyone who believed the official story of the 9/11 attacks was “absolutely gullible”.

In a later interview with Dave Noyze at Noyzelab, he clarified his statements by saying “I keep forgetting that most people are totally friggin’ oblivious to how they are being programmed and controlled from birth upwards from your name, being a ‘citizen’, which basically enters you into a contract, it goes on from there.

He went on to say that “Recently, when some journos were saying, ‘So you actually believe 9/11 was an inside job?’ attempting to paint picture of me bein’ a crackpot, I was totally shocked – they were intelligent people but still they didn’t get it … I’m really, really sorry to all folks who might be reading this but if you believe the ridiculous story that is being peddled about 9/11 from the mainstream media then you are absolutely gullible … Not believing the mainstream media is very hard for some folk who have put their trust and faith in the state and press, breaking that faith will not be an easy process for many.”

When speaking of 9/11 he said that the World Trade Center attacks were “just the tip of the iceberg … but how do you break this stranglehold on humanity? You have to start somewhere to break the illusion and 9/11 is a pretty big weak point in the illusion, but still so many are fooled.”

Aphex Twin is one of many artists who are speaking out about this issue.

Just weeks ago, we reported that Russel Brand voiced his controversial views about 9/11 on international television.

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