Anonymous Man Hands Out $100 Bills To McDonald’s Employees To Brighten Their Day

An unnamed man who was recently diagnosed with cancer felt inspired to give money to every employee at a McDonald's located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Credit: CBS

Credit: CBS News

It seemed like it would be an ordinary Tuesday for employees at a McDonald’s restaurant located in Fort Worth, Texas. However, that quickly changed when an unnamed man – who supposedly is a regular customer – walked up to the cashier and handed her a $100 bill.

At first, the woman at the counter was confused. He hadn’t ordered anything, so why was he giving her money? But then it clicked, and she began to cry. According to a local CBS news station, the cashier then gave the man a big hug.

His philanthropy didn’t end there. He called the other workers out to the counter and, one by one, began offering them $100 bills along with a hug. Before he departed from the fast food establishment, he left 33 more $100 bills for the employees who weren’t present at work that day.

To thank the generous individual, the staff put together a ‘thank you’ card to give him in case he returns. They’ve started calling him “a living angel.”

Not long after the story went live, a woman named Lisa Davila called the news station and relayed that she works for the mystery man. Reportedly, he was recently diagnosed with cancer and feels inspired to give back during his last days. Davila told CBS:

“You could tell it blessed their day. They didn’t come in there [to work] thinking that was going to happen that day… and that was the best part about it.”

Not everything that happens is good, but something magnanimous can result from it. Rather than feel pitiful about being diagnosed with cancer, a compassionate man decided to brighten other peoples’ lives. If you’re inspired by this story, please share this news and comment your thoughts below!

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