Animal Shelter?s Low-Budget Cat Commercial Unexpectedly Goes Viral [Watch]

All of the cats are self-cleaning, are better than potted plants, and can be adopted with or without tails. That?s a bargain!

Credit: Furkids

Across the United States, approximately 7.6 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters each year. Unfortunately, not all will find the furrever families they so desire. In fact, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized annually. It?s because of this that Furkids animal shelter decided to produce?the advertisement ?Kitty Kommercial?.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the shelter didn?t have much money to spend on the video. In result, it featured local Paul Preston as the main character in an improvised video that took only 30 minutes to film! Cheesy it may be, it?s absolutely hilarious. And, the best part is that the low-budget film went viral, which means more cats will hopefully get adopted.

Credit: Furkids

In real life, the man is no comedian. However, he had plenty of funny one-liners to share, such as ?2016 models are compatible with windows!? when referencing a shelter cat. By day, Preston is a contractor with a rental property management company. His sister, however, volunteers at Furkids and had the brilliant idea for the commercial.

The video isn?t purrr-fection by modern television standards, but it?s humorous enough to capture attention, which resulted in it going viral! View it for yourself below:

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