And The Award For Most Evil Company 2014 Goes To….Yes, You Guessed It

Monsanto really do work hard to get this kind of recognition...

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Members of campaign group SumOfUs have voted Monsanto as the most evil company in the world 2014, which shouldn’t come as any surprise to regular readers of True Activist.  It seems like Monsanto have been working hard to keep hold of this title for the past few years since first awarded it by readers of various magazines such as Organic Consumers and Natural News back in 2011.

In 2014 alone, states the press release by SumOfUs, “Monsanto sued a tiny U.S. state for daring to label GMOs, and terrorized Guatemalan farmers because they were saving seeds to plant on their own. And as usual, Monsanto continues to use its massive profits to fund an army of lobbyists, corrupting democratic processes all over the world.”

The good news is that last year Monsanto’s profits dropped by 34%, and this was attributed directly to global protests against the corporation and better public awareness as a result. Now, SumOfUs wants to go one step further, pressuring Monsanto’s shareholders to vote for CEO accountability in an upcoming meeting.

A group of SumOfUs members submitted a shareholder resolution demanding change. They want to make Monsanto’s CEO accountable to an independent chair of the board of directors, in the hope that this pressures the corporation to make better decisions on humanitarian and environmental issues.

If you feel strongly about Monsanto’s practices (see below for more details) please consider signing and sharing this Sum Of Us petition now. We only have a few days until the crucial shareholder vote!

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Update 23 January: Thanks for letting us know the link wasn’t working, this is now fixed!

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