Anchor Admits To Owning Pot Club And Quits On Air

Reporter uses F-word and resigns after outing herself as owner of a medical marijuana club

KTVA Journalist Charlo Greene made waves today after showing her support for cannabis legalization and quitting her job on air.

“I´m the owner of the AK Cannabis Club,” Greene begins, “and will be dedicating all of my energy to fighting for freedom and fairness-  which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.”

She pauses before continuing: “And as for this job, well…not that I have a choice but..fuck it, I quit.”

With a small shrug of the shoulders Greene is off-camera, leaving a colleague to fluff her lines and wonder what to do next.

Alaskans will vote on cannabis legalization in November. And while Greene´s journalism career may have gone up in smoke, she´s certainly added to the ongoing marijuana legislation debate. She´s a passionate pro-pot advocate and makes some very good points while explaining her reasons for quitting, on Alaska Cannabis Club´s Youtube channel here.

Good luck in your new career, Charlo!

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