An Awful Crowd Gathers To Encourage This Monkey’s Inhumane Punishment

As this monkey is being tied up and paraded around the streets, the onlooking crowd cheers.

Credit: ABP Ananda

Credit: ABP Ananda

Though monkeys might seem very foreign for those of us who don’t live near them, they are very common and known for being very comfortable around humans in India. One monkey in particular was charged with being a little too comfortable and was captured after six months of allegedly wreaking havoc on local businesses and passersby.

A professional monkey catcher was hired to catch this monkey and a few others once locals complained of their antics, but did he go too far in securing this monkey?

The monkey, a male macaque, was tightly bound by his arms, hands, and legs, and had a rope tied around his neck in a humiliating, stressful, and inhumane fashion. He sat outside on the ground looking solemn where anyone could approach him and was so stressed out that as one person patted his head, he hissed at them.

Credit: Sachin Haralker

Credit: Sachin Haralker

The monkey catcher claimed the binding was necessary because the macaque was being difficult and needed to be held down. Onlookers cheered when the animal was being tied up and afterwards when he was paraded around the streets before being put in his cage. When in his cage, he was untied and given grapes to eat.

Despite this cruel act against the monkey, the city of Mumbai plans on rehoming him in the countryside. “We will make sure it’s fit and when it is we will release him on the outskirts of Thane,” a state official from Mumbai’s Maharashtra Forest Department reported.

Although it’s unclear how long the monkey will remain caged for, it’s reassuring that he will be away from the humans who encouraged his bad treatment and valued their sale items more than a living being’s life.

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