An 8 Year-Old Dubbed A Donald Trump Speech, And It’s Strangely Satisfying

Cos we just GOTTA beat China, kids!

We really shouldn’t laugh at Donald Trump – after all, the orange-faced lunatic stands a good chance of being the next President of the USA (*shudder*) …

On the other hand, he’s so outrageously ridiculous it’s difficult to resist the temptation to poke as much fun at him as possible: we especially loved it when he was attacked by an eagle named Uncle Sam. Are animals more intelligent than the average Trump supporter? You might well ask.

Here’s something else that might tickle you. Mashable Watercooler has taken Trump‘s campaign speech and replaced his voice with an eight-year-old child’s. Not only is it proof that an elementary school kid comes across far more sophisticated and intelligent than Trump, but it also highlights the sheer idiocy of his words (just in case anyone needed further evidence that the guy is a total douche).

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