Amy Schumer Thanks Employee At Mattress Store By Buying Her A $2,000 Bed

The comedian paid forward a recent kindness by purchasing the employee her favorite mattress.

Credit: Salon

Amy Schumer is more than a comedian and actress, she’s a compassionate individual who is quick to conduct kind deeds to assist others. Just ask Chicago resident Sagine Lazarre.

Last week, Amy Schumer was jogging by the Six Corners Mattress Firm in Illinois when she entered the building and asked Lazarre if she could use the restroom facilities. Despite not recognizing Schumer, Lazarre complied. Before the comedian exited, she stopped to ask the employee which mattress was her favorite.

Recalling the incident, Lazarre told WGN:

“She comes out of the bathroom and asks me which one of these (mattresses) is my favorite. I told her … She told me she wanted to buy it for me. And I was was so shocked!”

At first, Lazarre thought she was being set up. But after the mattress was paid for, she realized it was a genuine “thank you” from Schumer (whom she still didn’t recognize at that point) for allowing her to use the bathroom.

“It’s amazing, mind blowing. I’m still shocked,” Lazarre stated.

Reportedly, Lazarre has watched Schumer perform stand-up comedy but didn’t recognize her at the moment. After “Googling” her name, however, she was quickly informed.

“After she left, I Googled her name.  The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable,” commented Lazarre.

When the two were chatting, Schumer mentioned that she lives in New York but frequently visits Chicago to visit friends. And, the mattress couldn’t have been received at a better time. Lazarre and her daughter just moved into a new apartment in Woodrige last month, so a comfortable new bed is a perfect gift. 

This isn’t the first positive deed Amy has conducted. Click here to read about a giant tip she once gave bartenders. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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