Amy Schumer Gives Bartenders A Surprise Gift, Restores Faith In Celebrities

Amy Schumer gave bartenders/aspiring artists $1000 tip, saying "I've been there, I get it."

Credit: Death and Taxes Mag

Credit: Death and Taxes Mag

Amy Schumer has been on the rise in recent years, and not just for her hilarious sense of humor. She has basically become a household name these days, and it turns out she has a caring personality to match her honest and raw humor. While watching the Broadway musical Hamilton on Saturday night, Schumer left the six bartenders that served her a $1,000 tip.

According to Gothamist, Schumer and friends that were with her that night at the show placed their drink order with the house manager prior to the start of the show. A member of their group went back one other time during the intermission to place another order, and the group wound up spending a moderate $77 on drinks. An acquaintance approached one of the bartenders the signed receipt and reportedly said, “Amy wants to make sure you get this.

Credit: @madeleinedejohn

Credit: @madeleinedejohn

This isn’t Schumer’s first time giving a larger tip to her servers for a job well done or in support of their dreams. Madeleine DeJohn, one of the bartenders who received a portion of the tip, told Gothamist that Amy had walked up to the bar herself once a few months ago and put $80 in the jar. Last summer, Schumer gave servers at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island a 1000% tip on a $49 tab, which was $500.

The last time Schumer gave DeJohn a hefty tip, DeJohn thanked the actress personally and Schumer reportedly responded by saying that, “Of course, I’ve been there, I get it, you guys are great.” DeJohn explained that the huge tip is so special to them because “Most of the bartenders in my company are artists, myself included, and this is our survival job while we try to ‘make it.’ Amy knows what it’s like to struggle in the service industry while trying to find success.”

Though it may seem small, Amy’s generous acts could certainly go a long way in helping each individual person. It’s moments like these that people are able to catch a glimpse of someone who has more than most and is willing to share what they have with others to raise everyone up instead of putting them down. In Schumer’s case, it’s to encourage people with a similar passion for art and acting to follow their dreams, and this could make all the difference in these stranger’s lives.

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