Amazing! Video Reveals The World’s First Drone Footage Of Arctic Beluga Whales

A wildlife photographer captured drone footage of 2,000 beluga whales - and it's absolutely breathtaking.

For the first time ever, you can witness one of nature’s most spectacular displays – the congregation of 2,000 beluga whales in the isolated region of Cunningham Inlet, Nunavut in Canada.

The footage, captured by 24-year-old Nansen Weber, is the result of an incredible amount of dedication and persistence. He shares on his website that he and his family have been traveling to Baffin Island, “chasing caribou and polar bears” since he was young.


Credit: Nansen Weber

The outdoors enthusiast seeks to capture the magnificence of nature, as well as the oddities and unique beauty, of Arctic wildlife. In regard to the beluga whale congregation, he said:

“This drone actually allowed me a new perspective of seeing what they’re doing. You can clearly see all the mothers and calves. You can see rubbing. They’re just having a huge party.”

Already, the young professional has already had the opportunity to share his work with BBC professionals and the Ocean Futures Society.


Credit: Nansen Weber

The young activist’s work reminds us all of the intrinsic value of Earth’s wild landscapes and the creatures that occupy them.

He recently told CBC News:

“It’s something that we should look into and hopefully save, because it might not be there in the future.”

Weber also mentions that his frequent trips up north have shown him first-hand the effects of climate change.

“I’ve seen drastic changes just in my short lifetime and it’s pretty scary,” he said. Last summer, he made a trek to the Northwest Passage and noted it was completely free of ice in July.

“We saw polar bears that have come swimming across the Northwest Passage totally exhausted.”


Credit: Nansen Weber

By documenting the Earth’s incredible wildlife, he hopes to raise awareness about environmental issues. Once you watch the video above, you’ll likely agree that he’s already succeeding in that endeavor.

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