Amazing Footage Shows Elderly Man Saving Bus Driver From Attack With Cane

This heroic man didn't hesitate before placing himself in danger to defend the bus driver with his cane.

Credit: ABC7 News

Just because someone walks with a cane or has a few wrinkles doesn’t mean they are defenseless – or oblivious to what’s going on around them. An attacker learned this the hard way last week.

After confronting Lynn Judge, a bus driver with the Kansas City Transit Authority, an unnamed man began to wrestle her. ABC 7 News reports that with little hesitation, another individual with a cane, Rodney Goldman, lunged forward and started whacking the assailant with his walking aid until the bus driver was released.

As Judge escaped from the bus and called the police, Rodney held the man off. The duel resulted in police arriving just as the abusive man attempted to escape.  To thank Goldman for his heroism, the Kansas City Transit Authority gifted him a lifetime bus pass and two canes to replace the one he broke while protecting Judge.

It may be easy to think that few good people exist in this world, but the following video proves otherwise.

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