Amazing: Dog Survives Storm To Be Reunited With Her Homeless Owner

Daisy was clever enough to track Steve down at the church where he was getting a free meal

Storms in California earlier this month were devastating for many people, but Steve Alioto almost lost everything. He had left his beloved dog Daisy on a boat in Sausalito, which he’d left anchored in the sea because he couldn’t afford a mooring. When the storms blew in, Steve was helping a friend. All he could see of his boat when he returned was the sunken mast. Fearing the worst for Daisy, her owner was devastated.

Daisy, however, is more intelligent and brave than anyone gave her credit for. This pit bull swam over a mile in the dark during a storm, from the sunken ship to the shore, then she found her way to a church where she and Steve get a hot meal from time to time, and curled up there to wait for him. This is the sweetest reunion we’ve seen in a long time, please share it with our friends and family.

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