40 Amazing Animal Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy Struck


Spending some time with pets and even with wild animals at the zoo is fun, provided you keep a safe distance. But for some animal lovers – and others who simply don’t have any idea why they’re in the company of animals in the first place – things could take an unexpected turn when these animals unleash their ferocious instincts. It happens, especially if the animals, no matter how tamed, aren’t given the respect they deserve. Some people are either aware that such unexpected circumstances could occur, but simply chose to ignore the risks, or are simply overwhelmed by the excitement caused by seeing the animals (like that one time when a man in China jumped off a chairlift into a tiger enclosure).

You may find the some of the following images hilarious, but some are cringe-worthy. From a camel munching on a tourist’s face, an enormous whale landing on a small boat after breaching, to a dog letting it out on an unfortunate sunbather, True Activist reveals some of the most amazing photos of animals taken before the unexpected, and uncomfortable, turn of events took place.

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