Amazing! 100 People Join Together To Rescue A Stranded Great White Shark

Stories like this rekindle your faith in humanity.

Conflict, political tension, and differing opinions will always exist in the world, but so will displayed acts of human kindness. Deciding if the world is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depends upon your state of mind and how you choose to perceive the world.

If the experience shared below is a reflection of the planet we live on, it could be perceived to be pretty good.

As shown in the video above, dozens of people pulled together – literally – to rescue a 14-foot great white shark that washed up on a beach in Massachusetts.

You can see about 100 people – police, lifeguards, wildlife experts, and vacationing beachgoers – working frantically to save the great white’s life on Cape Cod’s Whitecrest Beach.

First, one team dug a pool around the shark and poured buckets of ocean water on it to keep it breathing. At the same time, others dug a trench leading dozens of yards to the ocean. They then tied a rope around the shark’s tail and together, dragged the 14-foot sea animal toward the ocean. Unfortunately, after all the effort spent, the shark still did not make it and reportedly died in the water. According to shark experts, it is very difficult to save large sharks when they beach themselves.

Still, the story is worth sharing for several reasons. How many people now fear sharks less after watching so many people hurl themselves into the effort to save its life? The marine animal – like all other predatory creatures – is seeking only to exist.

While the movie Jaws might portray the great white shark as a beastly, terrifying creature, worldwide, only about 4.2 deaths have been reported in the past year. This is not to say they are not dangerous but vastly misinterpreted and misunderstood. Basically, the negative stigma surrounding the Great White shark is unnecessary, and the kindness exhibited is something to be celebrated.

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