Again?! Fishermen Drag Sharks From Ocean To Take Photos

This is what humanity’s obsession with selfies has led to…

Credit: Josh Butterworth

Credit: Josh Butterworth

Everyone wants to pretend they are living the perfect life on social media, which is why certain individuals will go to extreme lengths to capture photographs with exotic animals and marine wildlife. This first became clear when tourists in Argentina passed a baby dolphin around so they could take selfies with it – effectively killing it in the process. Then, two idiots dragged a shark from the ocean to pose with it for pictures.

Not long after, an aggressive female made headlines when she grabbed a swan by the wing and towed it after her for the sake of a photo.

Humanity, your narcissistic tendencies are showing.

Now, news has surfaced of two fishermen, named Josh Butterwort and John Bonnitcha, deliberately nabbing not one, not two – but ten sharks during their fishing trip.

Credit: Josh Butterworth

Credit: Josh Butterworth

During the course of a four-day fishing trip off the coast of West Australia, reports One Green Planet, the two men captured the sharks for sport.

Butterworth says:

“We do a lot of game fishing and when it’s not marlin season we just try to find something that pulls as hard as they do.” 

Of course, they had to drag the sharks to shore and take selfies with their catch – much like trophy hunters in Africa – because, it seems, humans can never get enough of an ego boost.

Credit: Josh Butterworth

Credit: Josh Butterworth

“When you have them in the water holding them they’re like big puppy dogs. As soon as you take your hands off them they bolt — they are pretty lazy things.” 

Reportedly, it is more likely that the sharks were exhibiting lethargic behavior because they were injured or paralyzed during the struggle.

Though Hollywood depicts sharks as dangerous, feral creatures, the reality is they really can’t catch a break. Every year, humans kill 100 million sharks, and many are captured and slaughtered for their fins, while others are killed as a result of by-catch. This is a travesty, as sharks play a vital role maintaining balance in the ecosystem and, in effect, combating climate change. This study explains all.

Credit: Josh Butterworth

Credit: Josh Butterworth

The fishers may have let the sharks go after they caught the photos, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the creatures were likely traumatized and injured during the men’s ‘sport’. Is this behavior really excusable? What gives humans the right to take advantage of other creatures for the sake of entertainment?

These questions and more are being asked by animal rights activists who are infuriated by humans’ superiority complex. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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