After Watching This Video, No One Will Vote For Hillary Clinton [Watch]

Time and again, the former Secretary of State has dissed and dismissed those who she desires to vote for her.



Forget that fact that Hillary Clinton is under investigation for leaking top-secret emails, there are plenty of incidents in the past when the Democratic presidential contender spoke against the same groups of people she wants to vote for her.

Don?t believe us? Just watch the video?below.

Over the years, Hillary Clinton has spoken out against homosexuals, African-Americans, young people, those who don?t support killing fully formed fetuses, anyone who desires honesty, and those who aspire for peace. Oh – and, unsurprisingly, she isn?t a fan of citizens who support?transparency.

The viral video – which has been viewed over 4 million times – is all one needs to watch to be convinced that the former Secretary of State isn?t as trustworthy as she claims to be.

Furthermore, the fact that Clinton is still a top contender for U.S. president speaks volumes about the American political system. As Western Journalism relays, Hillary played a major role in creating the Islamic State and the refugee crisis in Europe. In fact, with the support of her aid, Huma Abedin, she?was the one who drove the Obama Administration?s Middle East policy.

In many ways, Hillary Clinton is to blame for the greatest immigrant crisis since World War II. The emails she tried to hide are only beginning to give up the details. If Russia releases 20,000 of them, it is more than likely her career will be over and her reputation dissolved.

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