After Seeing A 98-Year-Old Mowing Her Lawn In The Heat, Paramedics Stopped And Did This

Because temperatures in the south have been regularly surpassing 115 degrees F, this ambulance crew knew they needed to stop and help.

With temperatures in the south regularly surpassing 110 degrees F, Paramedic Kent Haney and EMT Matt Linda of the East Texas Medical Center ambulance crew in Waco knew they had to do something when they spotted an elderly lady mowing her lawn midday. After stopping to chat with the woman, they immediately offered to finish the yard work for her.

According to KWTX, 98-year-old Marget Durham has been mowing her own lawn for years. But last Wednesday, she was given a much-deserved break.

The positive deed was shared when Durham’s neighbor, Dashlin James, walked over to her house upon seeing the ambulance. He was concerned for her well-being but was happily surprised to learn the compassionate reason Linda and Haney stopped to help. Before departing, he snapped a photograph of the sweet scene.

James told the press:

“Definitely an act of kindness! I thought it was a very great gesture of them, I mean, when they’re not saving lives, they’re out helping the community, it’s greatly appreciated and I’m sure she appreciates it as well.”

Now that Haney and Linda have met Durham, they say they will be stopping by to help every so often. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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