After Donating To Feed Homeless Pets, You Can Watch Them Be Served In Real Time

So far, viewers have helped care for 250 homeless kittens, puppies, and other critters.

Sometimes, what an animal shelter needs more than volunteers is monetary donations to meet facility costs and to purchase basic necessities, such as food, toys, and bedding. That’s why the platform Teddy Food is so ingenious. For those who don’t have time to volunteer at a shelter but still desire to make the world a better place, it’s now possible to donate to the online platform and watch that hard-earned cash go to work providing for the critters.

Teddy Food was created about one year ago and so far, is being used by seven shelters in Russia. So far, viewers have helped over 250 different animals through the organization. The reason it’s so popular? Those who donate get to see young homeless kittens, puppies and other neglected animals receive the help they need in real-time. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, “Teddy Food makes volunteering virtually effortless – and a lot more transparent.”

The more donations made, the more “Teddy Points” an individual earns. A donor can then share the scores on social media and encourage their friends to take part, as well. Because exposure is everything, the platform is even helping shelters find more homes for animals in need. Paired with the fact that Teddy Food results in more donations to the establishment, and it’s a win-win.

The organization was started by Pavel and Varya Kotosova, who are based in Moscow. Reportedly, they were taking their dog Teddy for a walk when the pup ended up leading his humans to an injured dog who had been abandoned in the wild.

“Teddy ran into the bushes and began to bark. Then he ran back to us. Then back into the bushes. And he did it until we got there,” said Pavel. “The dog had a broken leg and had wounds. Fortunately, our friends took the dog home [from the shelter].”

After transporting the canine to a shelter, the twenty-somethings still felt like they could do more. So, they developed Teddy Food. The company is presently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their international expansion, as well as to create a mobile app.

“Our mission is to make supporting homeless pets as easy as watching a YouTube video,” said Pavel. “We want to make it possible for anyone to help with just a few clicks. We want there to be more true heroes saving our little brother’s lives every day!”.

Watch an example of a shelter’s webcam below: 

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