Adidas Regrets Rejecting This Student?s Self-Made Ad, As Now It?s Gone Viral [Watch]

The commercial, which was rejected by Adidas, has won over millions of viewers.

Credit: Eugen Merer

After making peace with a relative?s passing, 26-year-old student filmmaker Eugen Merer decided to create a touching commercial that honors the individual?s life. The short video is about a former German marathon runner who is constrained to living inside a retirement home. All the aged athlete wants is to put his running shoes on and break free at least one more time.

One day, the aging athlete finds his old battered Adidas trainers and relives his younger years by taking them for a spin. 1 minute and 40 seconds long, the commercial is both emotional and empowering, and has affected millions of viewers.

Though Merher initially sent the video to Adidas, hoping the company would at least acknowledge his work, he never received a reply. Eugen told The Huffington Post.

?We tried sending it to [Adidas?] communications department but they didn?t really react.?

Disappointed but not defeated, he uploaded the video to the internet and within days, the project received millions of views. We?ll bet Adidas regrets missing out on this commercial? Watch it for yourself below:

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