Activists Pass Out 10,000 Roses To New Yorkers On International Happiness Day

Because research shows a link between receiving flowers and increased happiness, this company employed people to pass out 10,000 flowers to stressed-out New Yorkers.

Credit: Proflowers

Did you know? Research has shown a link between flowers and a person’s happiness. Apparently, receiving a gorgeous bouquet of the flowering plants – or even one – can make someone smile and, in effect, experience an improved mood. It’s because of this that workers representing Proflowers, an online flower delivery company, spent yesterday handing out free roses to stressed-out New Yorkers.

GoodNewsNetwork relays that the campaign #GiveHappy was created to embrace the spirit of the holiday and remind people that what truly matters is their happiness.

“Previous research has revealed a link between flowers and a person’s happiness,” says the company. “Studies show that fresh flowers have a powerful impact on overall happiness for the recipient, and for the giver, too. We set out to demonstrate this.”

As can be viewed in the video below, the grateful recipients made comment such as“They make me feel beautiful”, “I feel so happy” and “I feel special.”

It’s easy to become consumed by negativity when the mainstream media dedicates itself to declaring only the most negative of happenings. Don’t forget that plenty of positive events take place on the daily, as well. And, perhaps, consider gifting flowers to those people in your life that make you smile.

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