Activist Defends Muslim Women From Islamophobia In Ice Cream Shop [Watch]

A man was told to "go give your business to somebody else" after he began hurling racist and religious insults at two Muslim women.

Recently, two Muslim women were enjoying ice cream at Orange ice cream shop in California when a man entered the establishment and began to harass them.

One of the young women named Malaak Ammari told the press that he began talking badly about them out of nowhere. She and her friend, Nura Takkish, immediately felt uncomfortable.

ABC7 News reports that the man began hurling racist and religious insults at the women until the shop’s owner, Jessie Noah, stepped in and told him to “go give your business to somebody else.”

Ms. Noah says she has never witnessed outward bigotry by anyone before. It was only natural for her to stand up to the man and demand he leave the building – which he did.

And, the ice cream shop was rewarded handsomely when news of the event went viral, causing hundreds of Muslim Americans to show up to the business on Saturday to eat ice cream and stand up against hate.

Ammari told the press:

“Usually you end up with someone joining in on the Islamophobia and bullying or harassing the Muslim, whereas in our case, we’ve had them defend us and show us what being an American is really about.” 

Other customers also came by to thank the owners for standing up against the bigotry which has become too commonplace in America.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Thanks to the workers’ bravery, two women feel supported for believing what they do, and hundreds – if not thousands – have been inspired to “be the change” they wish to see in the world.

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