Activated Charcoal Works As A Magnet To Flush Bodily Toxins

From hospital emergency rooms to homemade toothpaste, the effectiveness of activated charcoal is remarkable.

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It is estimated that activated charcoal has been utilized since 1550 BC to treat all kinds of conditions. Primarily an antidote for poison, the inexpensive and widely available substance is known to have various powers, from teeth whitener, to reducing high cholesterol, helping cure hangovers and effectively removing bodily toxins– especially heavy metals.

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An article from MINDS, titled “Activated charcoal is an amazing and underrated detox chemical to remove heavy metals from your body” speaks to its astonishing capacity and how it has been used as an “adsorber”, meaning “instead of sucking in the toxins and becoming one with them (as in the case of absorption), activated charcoal holds onto the toxins on its surface and transports them out of the body”.

Due to its ability to attract positively charged ions — present in elements like toxins and heavy metals — activated charcoal works perfectly as a natural internal cleanser. In this context, the last article suggests the intake of one tablespoon of this substance per day in case you’re interested in a short term detox. The article warns, “If you were to embark on a cleanse of this sort, triple your water intake to help flush it out”.

This fascinating element is a non-toxic black carbon powder most commonly made from the shells of nuts and coconuts, among others natural substances. A report by EMedicineHealth explains what makes the charcoal activated: “It is produced by adding acid and steam to carbonaceous materials…. To put this in perspective, one standard 50-gram dose of activated charcoal has the surface area of 10 football fields”.

Doctor B.J. Hardick, co-author of “Maximized Living Nutrition Plans” in a report called “Activated Charcoal — The Toxin Magnet” refers to the magnetic bonding capacity of this element. “In a nutshell, activated charcoal works like a magnet to attract toxins and release them from our bodies”.

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