Abandoned Puppy Goes From Crackhouse To Firehouse After Firefighters Fell In Love With Her

She was supposed to just be a foster, but the fire station adopted her after just three days.

Credit: @probyash/Instagram

When?Erica Mahnken and Michael Favor, the founders of a small non-profit rescue organization called No More Pain, received a call in mid-January about a pup that had been abandoned in a house, they fled to the scene to rescue her right away.

It was easy to deduce that the residence was a crackhouse once the pair arrived and that the puppy, a 1-year-old pit bull they named Ashley, had been abused before she had been abandoned. She had cigarette burns on her body and was left with no food, water, or electricity, which meant she was also freezing in the New York City ‘home.’

Credit: @probyash/Instagram

Since Mahnken and Favor didn’t have a foster lined up for her, they asked friends at the New York City Fire Department?to watch over her. The fire station agreed to take her in only until she found a permanent home, but things didn’t go as planned.

The firefighters at the station immediately fell in love with Ashley with her first tail wag and only waited three days before calling No More Pain and asking if they could adopt her collectively. When met with a resounding “yes” from Favor and Mahnken, Ashley was officially the new FDNY station dog.

Credit: @probyash/Instagram

Though it’s been less than two months, Ashley has already put on a whopping 25 pounds and is healthy and happy, a far cry from how she was found in that crackhouse a short time ago. Her silly ear and loving personality continue to make her firefighter dads smile everyday and she even has a special spot on the fire truck for when she accompanies them on short trips.

Credit: @probyash/Instagram

Ashley went from a scared, abused, starving dog to a loving member of a team of humans that adore and the difference in her personality couldn’t be more telling. Every animal deserves the love and care she has been shown, and she was lucky to be one of the few abandoned dogs that was rescued just in time. If you would like to donate to No More Pain, who rescued Ashley when she was in dire need, you can do so here.

Credit: @probyash/Instagram

Coincidentally, the FDNY station that took her in is called “Fort Pitt,” and since Ashley is a pit bull they often use the hashtag #PittBull on Ashley’s Instagram account, where she currently has nearly 20,ooo followers. You can follow her adventures here.

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