A Video Of A Little Boy Has Gone Viral, And It?s Sending A Message That Could Change Lives

This little one will surely capture many hearts and bring smiles with his great performance.

Social media went happily abuzz when John David Marlin, a 2-year-old with Down Syndrome from Helena, Alabama, successfully recited his ABCs clearly and with his own personal touch.

John David?s grandmother, Pam Gables Sapp recorded her daughter, Hannah Marlin, going through the 26 letters of the alphabet while John David followed suit with heartwarming cheerfulness. The video delighted many, earning more than 13 million views and encouraging, positive reactions since the video went online on January 24.

?I think what really has resonated with everyone is the joy that he expresses, and the hope that comes with it,? Sapp told TODAY. Hannah Marlin added to her mother?s sentiments, ?Early intervention has played a big role in achieving his milestones.?

John David was born 8 weeks premature, and when he was 6 months old, Marlin began taking him to The Bell Center For Early Intervention Programs which helped him catch up with his learning. He had been practicing his ABCs for two weeks, and the viral video proved that determination and hard work pays off in many fruitful ways.

According to Malin, before then, John David is able to say single words, but not in full sentences yet, making his inspiring effort to recite the entire alphabet?and with his own touch with a few of the letters, especially the letter ?W??something to celebrate about.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects about 6,000 babies each year, according to the National Down Syndrome Society or the NDSS. In the United States Alone, there are approximately 400,000 people with Down Syndrome. While children with the condition experience cognitive delays, early intervention would still allow them to live fulfilling lives. Support from family and the community is always one of the most helpful ways in raising individuals with Down Syndrome.

Malin told ABC News: ?I?m so proud of him and the fact that he?s able to bring awareness to [Down Syndrome].?

Additionally, in a Facebook post, Malin expresses a message of inspiration.

???Seeing comments like this are exactly what I?m hoping for from all of this. To hopefully help any expecting mom that may be having a child with Down syndrome to not be afraid or worried. But to see the great joy and ability in disability!? reports that the video and John David?s story have been picked up by major American stations. Whatever the future holds for John David Malin, it will be certainly bright.

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