A Taco Bell Employee Refused To Serve A Deaf Customer Then The Cops Did Something Awesome

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25 year-old Brandon Washburn was at the Taco Bell in Kettering, Ohio when he attempted to use his cellphone to order in the drive-thru. He never had a problem using this method in other restaurants and would just typically go straight to the payment window and show his orders via his mobile.  This time around, the Taco Bell employee refused to serve him and even threatened to call the police.  Washburn’s girlfriend took a video of the incident while his mother, Becky Rosemont Burch posted it on Facebook where it went viral.

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In the video, the employee asks Washburn if he wants him to call the police.  He then reopens the window and tells Washburn, “I will call 911 if you don’t move.” He also tells the couple that they aren’t allowed to record him.  When the officers arrived at the scene, they reportedly sided with Washburn and even offered to purchase food for the couple.

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Taco Bell has a sign posted in the entrance of the drive-thru that asks customers with hearing or other disabilities to pull up to the next window for assistance.

Taco Bell has released a statement to NBC saying “Taco Bell has a fundamental policy to respect all of our customers and employees, and we are committed to maintaining and environment free of discrimination or harassment.” It was also mentioned that the employee seen in the video had been fired and the remaining employees in the Kettering location would be retrained.

Watch the incident from NowThis facebook page below:

Taco Bell Workers Call Police on Deaf Customer After Refusing to Serve Him

This Taco Bell refused to serve a deaf customer — then the cops bought the man food after employees called 911

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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