A Story So Moving The News Anchors Can´t Stop Crying

How good things can come out of great tragedy, and why everyone should consider donating their organs

When thirteen year-old Taylor Storch died in a ski accident, her parents were obviously devastated. But they had made a decision to donate her organs, and this video documents what happens when Taylor´s mom and  Patricia, the recipient of the young girl´s heart, meet for the first time.

The news anchors who introduce the story are in tears and can hardly speak after watching the footage. This is definitely one of the most touching, sob-out-loud clips we have ever seen. But the message itself isn´t sad. It is one of hope, love, and generosity- Taylor´s gift gave new life to Patricia, a mother of two sons, and has no doubt inspired thousands to consider donating their organs to save a life when they no longer have their own.


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