You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home

All you need is around $2000 to begin building one of these epic homes – made from recycled shipping containers! Check out some of these amazing creations!

A luxury home doesn’t always necessarily mean thousands of square footage, towering great rooms and gilded toilets. Take these homes for example: to begin building one of these epic houses, all you need is $2,000. That $2,000 will buy you a shipping container. What you do with that shipping container… well, that’s completely up to you. Some creative people have found a way to transform this rudimentary “room” with metal siding into luxury housing that blows us away. These homes are epic.

1.) A shipping container doesn’t have to be a closed space.


2.) Blue container? Run with it!

02 - FgsbAvU

3.) Open up the metal boxes and let your imagination run wild.

03 - CRKXugy

4.) *jaw drops*

04 - uZkXIzH

5.) The shapes are basically the same, but wow.

05 - 8jSRcXn

6.) Utilitarian… and awesome.

06 - uibN1UE

7.) The best part about this one is that you know they made it out of shipping containers.

07 - hOfF6uI

8.) This open concept was taken a step further with a sliding garage door.

08 - IevWNVV

9.) You don’t rob this house. Ever.

09 - R231Ozg

10.) Modern, yet … not.

10 - 7G20AaR

11.) This is the kind of home that keeps a person happy.

11 - BVSQ3FN

12.) Already-made pool? Yes please.


13.) Recycled materials AND it’s good for the planet.

13 - 3054gc5

14.) This collection of containers is just epic.

15 - eAZtsP2

15.) These are so inspiring.

16 - XkLIlhD

If you enjoyed these what these people did with their containers then you will love this couple’s new tiny home.

The best part of the gallery that this Reddit user shared? The shipping containers are recycled materials, so you’re actually helping the environment if you invest in making a luxury shipping container home. You can’t beat a base price of $2,000. What a marvelous idea; share it with others by clicking on the Share button above/below this article.


Reddit via FIN

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132 Responses to "You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home"

  1. Richard Miller  September 24, 2014 at 8:20 am

    I would love to have 4 shipping containers for my self to make my own home out of them and use one to load all my stuff from storage and my apartment and then move them all to my brother home in Wisconsin and make my home out of them there and never have to pay rent or any thing else like water lights or gas cause it would be all solar power and theater would be filtered from the lake and it would be solar aswell

  2. Todd Levin  October 13, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    1. Even with all the hype, containers are difficult to obtain and expensive to ship long distances. If you live close to a major port city and have a really big truck and trailer, it’s much easier and far cheaper to get them.

    2. The price for a 20′ shipping container (**not including delivery!!**) can range from $2500 to $4000. You can stick build a building with the same amount of square footage, that is just as water tight and structurally sound using traditional construction methods for less than the cost of a shipping container – it just won’t weigh as much.

    3. Containers provide a structure which requires a blow torch (or dynamite!) to cut openings in.

    4. If possible, get delivery by tilt bed roll off truck. Otherwise you need a small crane or huge forklift to move and position them.

    5. Rust the primary natural predator that can harm a shipping container, so don’t scrimp on a good paint job.

    6. These metal monsters become ovens or freezers depending on the outside temperature, really good insulation and ventilation is a MUST! Also expensive…

    7. While searching the web for how containers are being used: (A) most sites only show computer renderings, and (B) actual completed structures have been built at astronomical cost, which somehow never gets mentioned.


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